Device enrollment manager devices not showing in intune after joining to azure

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Hi all,


We normally enroll devices on a per user basis. But we have several devices which will be used by multiple users, and we think DEM will be the best option.

What we want to see is a device enrolled and getting all the applications and policies deployed by Intune.

The thing is the device is joined to azure but not shown in Intune for some reason...

I created a dedicated Azure user, licensed it with E3 license excluding nonrelevant apps (Sharepoint \ Exchange...) and assigned the Intune Administrator role to the user.

No matter which option I use to enroll the device to Intune the device is joined but not shown in the portal. Also, the device doesn't apply any policy or applications from Intune.


What am I missing?



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Hi... when looking at the dsregcmd /status output does that device that gets aadj joined but not enrolled into intune has the MDM URLs configured?
You sir are amazing. since we limit who can enroll, we configured a specific group that will be able to enroll devices. your answer quickly pointed me to Intune MDM URL configuration in Azure portal. Thank you so much.
:) Thats what I thought... but to know for sure I asked for the MDM URLs :p ... Nice to hear!!!
If you need to enroll those existing devices into intune, you don't need to wipe them or reenroll..
We used SCCM IBCM, and we migrate our devices to Intune. Since some of those IBCM devices are for general use, we wanted to find an equivalent in Intune. So, what I'm attempting right now is migrating those devices.