Device compliance error "TBD" in Intune for Defender Risk Policy

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I have been seeing multiple instances for device compliance error "TBD" in Microsoft Intune for Defender Risk Policy. Which does not make much sense and I did not find any knowledge related to it on the internet. I have been seeing this for Android and iOS devices.


While setting up the user profile on phone:

  • Authenticator app: Updated to latest version
  • Company Intune Portal app: Updated to latest version
  • Defender app: Updated to latest version

Mobile Devices have Defender installed and it seems to be working as expected (status all green).


Has anyone come across this and were able to resolve this issue? Any information will be helpful.


Thank you.




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We are seeing this for a small number of users in multiple tenants since last week, ticket open with Microsoft.



While everyone appreciates suggestions on resolving an issue, your suggestion/link shows you how to troubleshoot Windows enrollment not iOS nor Andriod enrollment. I have been seeing the issue for ~30 days on ~150 iOS devices. Previously it has not been an issue. We have configured the updates to be managed by Microsoft. Thus, we are on the latest version of Intune and Defender for Endpoints.


Here is Microsoft's doc for iOS ( After reviewing I could find nothing related to compliance being stuck at TBD.

Hello @John_Morgan

A little over a year ago, I had the same issue with some of my iOS/Android device. It was very random and the problem was not impacting a specific type of device nor specific enrollment type. However, I opened a ticket by MS at that time and I didn’t get that far, thus the problem resolved it self within time. 

What also help to speed up the process is to re-onboard devices.