Developer Mode Required for Line of Business (LOB) App on iPhone running iOS 16

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We deploy an IPA file via Intune / Endpoint Manager. This works for all iPhone, however if the iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 16 - the iPhone is required to be in Developer Mode to run the app.


If the user tries to run the app on iOS16, the user will get the following message "Developer Mode Required. AppName requires Developer Mdoe to run. Until Developer Mode has been enabled, this app will not be available for use."


How can we deploy Line of Business Apps without this error.




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You can manually enable developer mode Enabling Developer Mode on a device | Apple Developer Documentation


I'm also looking to push the developer setting through endpoint, but haven't found it yet.

I would also like to see an option to enable the Developer Mode through Intune.

Hi @DonalDev ,


To enable the developer mode, your iOS device must connect to your Mac first and then wait for the prompt on the MacBook. If you want to distribute the LoB app through Intune without asking users to enable developer mode, then the recommended way is to sign and distribute them through Intune. If the requirement is for MAM, then while signing the app, you need need to make it MAM enabled. 


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