Detection and Remediation Script in Intune

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We have a detection and remediation script for a Toast notification to display on user machines, sending them an alert to restart their computers for better performance and stability reasons. 

However, We have set it to check the devices at 09:30 am. It works perfectly fine, checks the devices at 09:30 and then sends user an alert to restart the computer after the user has logged in. 

My question is, what if a user has restarted the computer at 09:45am and they still get the alert because the sync happened at 09:30am. 


Any suggestions?

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Probably at the next check-in from the device in Intune, the remediation script will run. That's what I have experienced.

Modify your script to include a timestamp of the last restart time on each user's machine. You can use a registry entry, a file, or another system-specific method to store this information. This timestamp should be updated each time a user restarts their computer.

Why not simply use WUfB to restart the machine ? Update Rings > Deadline settings are good for that, no ?
May be a schedule task will be a better way to address this. Eliminate other dependencies like Intune. Just create an SC using Intune to have users restart at a fix schedule.
Excuse me @kashish Goyal
Can you share me your script ?