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Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

Desktop Personalization - Tile View

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I am trying to set a background using a configuration profile in Intune.  I am able to set the background using the "Personalization" section of Device Restrictions.  It applies to the workstations, but is displayed as "Tile", which is a mess.


I don't see any options to change this, so I am hoping someone has an idea that I am not seeing.  Setting the lock screen works perfectly, so its odd that desktop background is Tile only.


I tried forcing the change in the registry by setting WallPaperStyle, but it doesn't have any affect.


I know I will get asked why I am setting the background...I am configuring for students in an education needs to be locked down :).  





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Hi Jeff,

This is something to do with Wallpaper Aspect Ratio, you need to figure out your devices ratio before pushing custom ratio wallpaper.

Here is a blog by Oliver configuring script to check the ratio before adding the wallpaper.

Hope this helps!
Hi Moe,

Yes, I saw that, but setting a screen background shouldn't be that complex. It should be as simple as the lock screen.

All Microsoft needs to do is add the options "Tile, Stretch and Fill" to the profile and just let us choose. I would even settle for a hidden ADMX setting that would override it.