Deploying windows activation key

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Hi all,


I have enrolled devices into intune and I am getting the following message: 




Is it possible to deploy the product key via intune ? 

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Looks like the devices didnt had the proper license applied before enrolling (pro requirement)
You can upgrade the license to enterprise with a device configuration policy
If you just want to apply the license... why not using PowerShell? You can push a powershell script with the product key... But I am not aware about your licensing program and if it's okay to license it this way

slmgr /ipk "productkey"
Hi Rudy,

Can this be done with a KMS Key? As that is what we have used before when having devices connected to our domain. Thes devices however are now cloud only?

i activate them with powershell, wrap the script up in a Intunewin file and deployed trough an win32 app. 

Thanks this worked!

Hi, @Vinkiejj! I am struggling to activate windows with a powershell script, because I don't know where can I find such a script. Is there a public script that I can use?

Thank you

$(Get-WmiObject SoftwareLicensingService).OA3xOriginalProductKey | foreach{ if ( $null -ne $_ ) { Write-Host "Installing"$_;changepk.exe /Productkey $_ } else { Write-Host "No key present" } }
Something like this?
This is wat i use:

$computer = gc env:computername
$service = get-wmiObject -query "select * from SoftwareLicensingService" -computername $computer
Thank you guys! As I understand from @Rudy_Ooms_MVP's script is that doesn't require a 25digits key but that somehow access the Microsoft licenses and it doesn't need for modifications.

Regarding @Vinkiejj's script, the only modification required is the ENTER KEY HERE without quotes.

Am I right in some points?
You need to replace the text "ENTER KEY HERE" with your product key of Windows within the quotes.