Deploying Win32 APPS with intune - Install Pending

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Hi Guys


I'm new in deploying apps through intune for windows device but I've followed this guide here


I also see that the device has read the policy in installing the software but its showing install pending?

What does install pending actually mean and how do I get it to install?

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“Install Pending” in Intune typically means that the app has been assigned to the device and the device has checked in with the Intune service, but the installation process has not yet started. This status can occur for a few reasons:


  • The device might not be connected to the internet.
  • The Intune service is still processing the installation request.
  • There might be a delay in the device’s check-in with the Intune service.

Any of these things can be your issue; which one exactly is hard to tell from here.



I'm trying to deploy irfanview


I used the Intune app to convert it to the format which Intune requires so I can put it in as a line of business app

Company portal picks it up but at the end it says install failed


Intune says error unzipping downloaded content.


It's just a simple .exe file , I don't understand why its failing to unzip?

I have a question

Whenever you open an exe file it'll ask where to install the location of the program and options if you want to put a shortcut on the desktop etc..

But does intune know how to interact with that interface?

The article states it might be an interference with Anti Virus but I see the file under C:\Windows\ImeCache\ it seems ok?
Can I see how your install and uninstall parameters looks?
That would give me a better understanding of your problem.



It looks like this

I used the same template as below for MSI files and it installed ok




Did you wrap the .exe file as a .intunewin file?
Also, are you 100% sure, that you are using the correct file name?

I just quickly found this install command for installing Irfanview silent.

iview460_x64_setup.exe /silent

Make sure to change it so it's correct file name.


Yes I used the wrapper and it auto closes the window when done. 


I actually renamed the file to something shorter before I used the wrapper to output the file but does the name have any cause on the problem? 


I will try again tomorrow 

If I was you, I would try to use the 'standard' naming of the file, to see if there is any issues.
It works now but how do I get it to create a desktop shortcut?
At the moment I need to navigate to the folder directory and double click on the .exe file to open the software
Hi Rob,

That sounds great.
Here is the complete install parameter:

iview460_x64_setup.exe /silent /desktop=1 /group=1 /allusers=1

You can try to test to see if /desktop=1 is enough to create a desktop shortcut.
Thanks, This works
What does /group=1 and allusers=1 do?

I tried searching installation parameters but unable to find anything regarding it.
I logged a ticket to microsoft before posting this thread and they too were unable to assist.

I am unaware of what /group=1 does.
However /allusers=1 installs it for all users on the device.

It was fairly simple to find the install parameters, I search for "Irfanview install parameters".

Glad it worked out for you.
The /group=1 parameter creates a group in the Start Menu.