Deploying O365 Apps to BYOD Windows 10 Home devices with Intune

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With the forced WFH for many colleagues  that happen very quickly we are left in a position were by many people have Windows 10 Home devices they are working from with Office 2013/16 editions and we I need to get them updated to Office 365 asap. Any Pro/Ent/Edu  Windows versions are easy to handle with Intune as I can publish Office 365 C2R version  via Intune portal  as available for them to click and install but the Windows Home devices do not support Office C2R or .intuneWin packages so it is proving difficult.

I have tried to created an MSIX package from downloaded O365 install files on a Windows 10 Home clean VM and the package seems to create ok but when I try to add that as an available app Im getting an error saying it has no appId   (I created it with MSIX packaging tool and filled in all fields) and havent been able to get past that yet.

So my question is - does anyone have a good solution to this problem? Im sure im not the only one coming across this in recent weeks. 

And also, does the MSIX packaging way sound like it will work if I can get this appID error fixed? Also , if anyone knows how to fix the appId error ! (im going to ask that in MSIX focused forums now also though)

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This could be possible using Microsoft store for Business, That you get personalized top menu on Windows App Store where you could published your paid or free windows apps.

Here is a link to docs;

Get your office 365, Create connection put that on business store and created guide for end users how to install it, that could be an alternative solution for windows 10 home editions.

@PDostiyar  yes I was exploring MsfB but I couldnt see how you can get the O365 apps as an install package there - just the free Office 365 app that has links to the web apps - and the only way I could see was to publish LOB apps via the store but as I tried to do that I started down a rabbit hole of having to sign up as a developer account and then a Partner Account which takes days to authorise and im not sure it is even possible.  But , publishing a MSIX app to the business store was something ive been trying and it could be part of the solution but I still need to get the MSIX package working ... unless of course im missing something and massively overcomplicating things!

True you are right, I am sure you have seen the documentation on how to create MSIX packaging tool if not here is the link please your your experience once you have done it. So this help other Tech community members.

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@PDostiyar  yes I set up a clean Win 10 Home VM and used the tool on that to create the MSIX package - all seemed to go ok but I just have this issue with it reporting the  App ID  not being there.

I will update how I do it if/when I fix this - if I don't work it out myself I have some calls due with MS Fasttrack and Gartner this week so I can see if they can advise , so Im sure I will find out if its possible or not.

@PhilRiceUoSthis will be great help to all of us... so will stay tune for your updates....