Deploying MS teams via Intune

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I am currently engaged in the deployment of Microsoft Teams within our organization through the utilization of Intune. I am inquiring whether the MSI application offered by Microsoft pertains to the work/school version. It has come to my attention that our vendor configured our Office 365 applications, neglecting to include the Teams component. Consequently, I am now seeking the optimal approach for an independent deployment of Teams.


In this context, I am deliberating between deploying the application as a Win32 package or employing the provided MSI. Your insights and guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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we also exclude teams from office 365 and deploy teams separately using msi from

we deployed it in autopilot phase.

once installed, the teams will launch in new user profile but not existing user profile



But is the MSI you deployed teams work or school? I need to deploy that not just normal teams. 

Hi @gsha1992 You could deploy M365 Apps which now includes Teams (also includes Visio & Project). I deployed this in my organization and it works fine.


Select app type - Microsoft Intune admin center

it is teams for work


I recently tested the "New Microsoft Teams App" deployment on Windows 10/11 devices using the Intune admin center. Leveraging PowerShell scripts and the Win32 App deployment method, all tests were successful. For detailed deployment steps, refer to the guide below: