Deploying Google Chrome via Intune policies doesn't work

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Hello everyone,


Can you help me? I'm configuring Google Chrome Enterprise policies. I want it to update automatically and block the user from installing extensions for the browser. I followed all the steps, exported the admx, adm, and adml files to Intune, and they were all successfully uploaded. I applied the settings above and they were applied successfully, but they're not working. I can still install the extensions, but Google isn't updating automatically :\

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@ReSouza_33 which admx templates did you import? Google update has its own admx template. 

So, I assume you can see in Intune that the policy is applied?

In the browser on the device, can you type in "chrome://policy" and see the policies you have configured?


Hi friend,

I imported Windows.admx, google.admx, googleupdate and chrome.admx. All were successful.


Tks for u help.



@ReSouza_33 thanks for sharing the update. I am taking that you are managing the installation of Google Chrome browser using Intune as well?

Hi, friend,

Yes, the policies were successfully applied in intune but when I go to check them in chrome in chrome://policy it is set to false and informs that the policy is working as expected, but a conflicting value was set elsewhere or overridden by this policy. I'm trying to identify if I created another policy elsewhere but I don't think so.
I want to set Chrome to update automatically and restrict users from installing Chrome extensions.
Sorry, not sure if my question was clear. What I meant to ask is whether Google chrome a managed app through Intune or not.
No problem, yes it is managed by intune, I downloaded the google installation package enterprise.msi from the website.
Can you please send a screenshot of how the chrome://policy looks like?