Deploying Feature Update through Intune - Windows 10 22H2 - How to verify?

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I have deployed Windows 10 22H2 feature update through Intune and I want to verify that the deployed machines have been updated? I am deploying it through groups of devices. How can I verify? In OVERVIEW in INTUNE it does not show anything like how many devices have got updated for feature updates.

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@oryxway you can check windows updates section the reports blade in Intune portal as below 




choosing the windows feature update reports will give a list of the devices and when and what feature was applied 

@eliekarkafy But, the report is so odd cannot understand whether it is installing or installed or it shows progress but it has been more than 3 days.


@oryxway don't forget to create an Intune data collection policy using the windows health monitoring template, to collect the windows updates data and report them back to Intune.


Create a Windows Health Monitoring profile in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn

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We resurfaced your question during this episode of Unpacking Endpoint Management. Please see the panel's answer at around 47:40.