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Spent the last several months getting Intune configured to deploy all of the core corporate-wide apps and it's working nicely. Now I need to start configuring app deployment for individual departments. I have a list of departments and associated users. However, all of the app deployments should be configured to install to the device not the user. How are people managing this part of the configuration? I don't see a simple way to extract the device list for the intended users.





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GroupTags (OrderID) on the Autopilot devices,, and create a group from that. First you have to gather the devices, primary users and serial numbers so that you can assign GroupTags to your autopilot registrations. You can do this from the Devices page,, and add the serial column.

@Harm_VeenstraThank you! That definitely gets me where I need to go.

@Harm_VeenstraInteresting issue now that I've gone down this path - I created the dynamic group for all Autopilot devices, of which there are 2. When the group populated I found 8 devices listed. When I look in Home>Devices>Windows>Windows Enrollment> Windows Autopilot Devices I can only see the 2 devices I expect to see. However, when I go to Azure AD, I can see that there are 8 devices with the Autopilot icon including the 2 I expect to be there. Any idea why there would be other AP devices? Any thoughts on how to create a dynamic group that excludes the 6 incorrect devices?

And you used the ZTID query?
Yes - (device.devicePhysicalIDs -any (_ -contains "[ZTDID]"))
I think it's actually seeing those other devices though they aren't legit and are not listed under Autopilot devices though they do have the Autopilot icon.
You could create a group on tags, for example for GROUPTAG1 it would be (device.devicePhysicalIds -any _ –startsWith “[OrderID]:GROUPTAG1”)
Did this work out for you?
Late response, sorry.

Yes, I got the grouping part of this working acceptably. Mourning the simplicity of SCCM.

Thanks for the help.