Deploy Windows 10 Start menu template via Intune and yet, allow user to still customize it

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Hello Endpoint Folks, 


From what've seen in the current capabilities of 'Configuration profiles --> Device restriction template', we can easily push the 'Start Menu' template to Win10 devices but its just a fixed template and not customizable to end users. 






My quick question is, has anyone worked around this to push a template and yet allow users to customize it (we simply push the defaults and user can customize as he/she wishes)? Is there a alternative ways of allowing this flexibility to end users? 


Appreciate any ideas/inputs ! 


Thank you!




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Hi Manoj,

It’s not possible to allow users to edit start menu using that way or GPO, but you export using ps: Export-StartLayout -Path C:\startmenu.xml in a dummy account and then use Intune Win32 to copy that xml to this path C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell

This should customize the start menu and make it editable by the user.


Thanks heaps for your prompt response! I'll give that a go and keep you posted soon.

Hi @Moe_Kinani

This seems to be working for newly created users/profiles but not for the existing ones unfortunately.

Hi @Manoj Karunarathne,


Take a look at the following blog posts.


Set default Start Menu with Microsoft Intune | Peter Klapwijk - In The Cloud 24-7 (


Or if you want to use the device restriction option you could use the LayoutCustomizationRestrictionType option in the XML to get a partial fixed start menu layout

Customize and export Start layout (Windows 10) - Configure Windows | Microsoft Docs


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