Deploy VPN Profile - Azure P2S Radius Authentication

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Hello all,


I am building a PoC for a client for Azure P2S VPN and I'm stuck on utilizing Intune to deploy the profile properly to Intune managed devices. I have a custom XML which deploys the profile but it is not populating the Virtual Gateway FQDN in the server address field. Once I copy/paste the FQDN to server address, it works fine. Can anyone review the below XML and let me know what changes I would need to make to ensure the FQDN is populated in the profile on a Windows 10 computer? Thank you.



<?xml version="1.0"?>
     <EapHostConfig xmlns=""><EapMethod><Type xmlns="">26</Type><VendorId xmlns="">0</VendorId><VendorType xmlns="">0</VendorType><AuthorId xmlns="">0</AuthorId></EapMethod><Config xmlns=""><Eap xmlns=""><Type>26</Type><EapType xmlns=""><UseWinLogonCredentials>false</UseWinLogonCredentials></EapType></Eap></Config></EapHostConfig>
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