Deploy reset Windows 10 OD via AutoPilot

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When Windows 10 machines are delivered from the manufacturer, they have a lot of "bloatware" installed. What is the best method using Windows AutoPilot to remove all these superfluous apps and deploy a basic "vanilla" build of Windows 10 to users?

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Hi ,


I would recommend login in with a local account and do a Reset before you enroll with AutoPilot.


If you take the Reset options :


Full wipe -> only remove my files

it will take you about 20-30 minutes to reset a device (depending on the form factor of course).

If you take the options 

Full wipe - > remove everything 

it will zero out the disk and it will take you hours to reset. 


If the reset does not remove the bloatware , you can also try a "Fresh Install". But I think you will have to do a reset again after the "fresh install" because it keeps your information. (I haven't used the "Fresh install" option much).

You can also ask your manufacturer to deliver devices with a "clean" Windows 10.


Another option would be to launch a powershell script to uninstall all the bloatware apps silently. (takes management effort and follow-up when something changes)