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Deploy only Project and or Visio

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Hi There


Is there a way to deploy only Project and or Visio WITHOUT the rest of the Office 365 ProPlus components (Word, Excel etc)?


Info appreciated.



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Visio and Project in Office 365 use separate installers from the rest package (Word, Excel, etc.). I'm not sure about Intune though.

Hi Stuart,

There was a Uservoice for exactly this raised back in April which, as someone points out in October, still isn't possible ( and that you still need to install Visio or Project alongside a core Office 365 application.

There is a suggested workaround here, suggested in August

So to resolve this issue, you're forced to go the old way (ODT - Office Deployment Tool) by creating a package with Only Project, or Visio and deploying it as a line of business app.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris