DEP enrolled iPad Mini 4 in kiosk mode wont turn off


Hi all,


We have deployed 16 iPads in kiosk mode (Google Chrome app). They are all DEP enrolled.


My colleague is telling me that the one she has and others wont turn off using the power button. She can reboot by doing power button + home button.


Her iPad is OS version 13.6


Can someone tell me if this is expected behavior? I have no policies that I can see that should stop power off.

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@RippieUK Is this not a standard behaviour of iOS itself? Within the (newest) iOS version you can't turn off the device with the button, but you have to go to the Settings -> General, then you have the option to turn off the device. But, in Kiosk mode you don't have the Settings app nor permissions to open Settings.

@Albert Neef 
I am not sure to be honest, just had my manager upgrade his iPad to version 13 i think it is and he says he can use the power button to turn it off. Of course he get the power off slider that you have to slide over to turn the device off.


Are we saying because the device is in kiosk mode they do not get the slider, therefore they cannot turn the device off?


Does anyone know if there is a PIN we can set to users can exit kiosk mode?