DEM account getting error 801c000e enrolling devices

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I have setup an account to enroll devices with the Device Enrollment Manger role assigned to it. Most of the devices are enrolled in autopilot. I am now getting the error 801c000e ... "user is not eligible to enroll a device type 'Windows'. Reason 'DeviceCap Reached'.


per the documentation Enroll devices using a device enrollment manager account - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs DEMs should be able to enroll 1000 devices. This account has enrolled 60 (50 active). 

The limitations set for the rest of the users in Azure AD > Device > is set to 50.  For some reason the DEM account is being limited to the number of devices set for standard users. 


This DEM account was in one of the groups that are referenced in the settings above.  I removed the DEM account from that group and gave it some time for propagation but still getting the error. I am not even sure if that's related as the DEM account should be able to have the other restrictions apply like requiring MFA but the device limit shouldn't apply as that's the point of assigning the role. 

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Hi the dem account you are using isnt excluded for the device limit of 50.. I know its sound bad... :) but if you increase the maximum number of devices per user it should be good

Applying an Azure AD device restriction to a DEM account will prevent you from reaching the 1,000 device limit that the DEM account can enroll.
Thanks a lot, i was blocked too with this restriction and couldn't find why.