Deleted a MS device from AD before Factory Reset. Now i can't re-enroll device

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Can't believe I did this, but I did - and now I would be grateful for some assistance.


In a fit of stupidity I deleted an MS device from Azure AD before performing a factory reset.


Now when I look on the device the MDM account is there in accounts and cannot be removed (policy) and I can't factory reset the phone (policy).


When I try to re-enroll the device I get so far and get the message 


"Something went wrong. Here are some possible reasons:

. Your device is already connected to your organisation.

. Your device is already being managed by an organisation."


I screwed up - how do I make it better?


Thanks in advance




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Hi Mark,


you should be able use the Delete button to delete the MDM device in Intune. 




Resetting the phone even when prevented by policy you can try to use hard reset: