Delete OneDrive synced files at MDM device retirement

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Is there any way to delete OneDrive synced files from the retiring device? It's strange to me that after I retire a device from Intune, files that were synced stay on device. Especially when according to Microsoft: "The Retire action removes managed app data".


I'd be grateful for help with this.


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If your windows10 devices are MDM enrolled you could configure windows information protection with enrollment on the end point

WIP currently addresses these enterprise scenarios:

You can encrypt enterprise data on employee-owned and corporate-owned devices.

You can remotely wipe enterprise data off managed computers, including employee-owned computers, without affecting the personal data.

Thanks for your anwser. I may not be right but if I remember correctly WIP selective wipe works only on MAM. So with MDM my files will stay on retiered device but only encrypted.