Delete deployed Wi-Fi Profile on Android Enterprise

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Hi People


We have deployed a Wi-Fi profile to Android Enterprise Full Managed Devices and it work perfectly.

Because network Issues we will like to "automatically" remove this profile and that's my Question.

Do anyone know how I can do that?


We have remove the deployment and it will no deploy any more, but the Device who already have it, still presence and working.

The only way I found till now, its to delete it manually.


Very appreciate of any Input.



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This is by design unfortunately.
Settings aren't removed when the policy is removed =>

As there is no way to create a policy which removes a wifi profile, you have to manually delete it

@Thijs Lecomte , Thanks. I assumed it would be like that, unfortunately. If you are Managing a "FULL" Manage Device, I expect to manage it Full :facepalm: 


Anyway, I know my English is very bad, but this is written very confusingly...




@Thijs Lecomte : It seems I was right about my interpretation of the documentation.:


I will try to get Support from Intune Teams.