Delay in Intune VPN profile delivery to Autopilot machines

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Hi All,
Would like to ask one question related to the issue we are facing i.e. delay in VPN profile delivery to the Autopilot machines -
  1. We are deploying the VPN profile which uses the Azure VPN client along with Azure AD authentication mode. The VPN profile XML is created in the user context.
  2. Earlier we were using an Azure AD user group with an Assigned membership type to scope this VPN profile from Intune.
  3. Then I thought to scope it the All Users group so that to remove the dependency of adding the new users to the above-mentioned Azure AD group. Then I change the VPN profile scope to All Users from the Azure AD user group.
  4. Then I checked and found that the profile was delivering to the users who are using mobile devices.
  5. Then I created a filter to include only the windows 10 devices which are corporate ones. Added the filter to the VPN profile.
  6. There was a conditional access policy already in place to restrict the personal devices to get this VPN profile and conditions for granting this profile were that the device needs to be compliant or Hybrid Azure AD joined. All of our devices are Azure AD joined.
  7. Now the issue is that this VPN profile is taking a lot of time in getting delivered to the newly built Autopilot devices. Though it shows (on the Intune portal) that the profile was successfully delivered. When we check on the device we are unable to find the VPN there.
  8. Now please share input here. I think the filter will be the cause of it. If yes, then is it fine to push it to All Users and ignore the fact that Intune is also pushing it to all mobile devices as well. 
I will be waiting for your input here. Thanks.
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Hi Ashish,

What method do you use to deploy this VPN profile? Is it a PowerShell script? A Win32 app? Or a Device Configuration profile?
Device Configuration Profile.
Do you have the Azure VPN Client also deployed on the clients?
Yes Bilal. Azure VPN client is also deployed to the Intune managed machines.