Delay after Autopilot installing required apps

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Anyone else experiencing an issue where any required apps assigned to user groups are only installed about 45 mins after Autopilot finishes?

I install three apps during ESP which install fine. After ESP is done, I register for Windows Hello, then get access to the desktop. From this point nothing happens for about 45 mins and only then required apps install. All are Win32 apps. Is this normal?

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Nope... they should begin installing just after the device has been logged in... Did you checked the IME log with the cm trace tool? Did you checked for conditional Access blocks (even when that shouldn't break the win32apps deployment but who knows)
All I can see in IME log is that application poller stops just after autopilot, then there's nothing in IME log for 30 - 45 mins, then poller starts again and required apps install. No CA blocks.
and if you log in and perform a device sync from the settings (or company portal) any difference?


When doing a sync via Settings app, nothing changed, no activity in IME log, but then I launched company portal and did a sync from there everything started installing.

Thats quite odd as they should both do the same :) ..
Have you found how to solve this ? I'm having the same issue