Decrease Maximum Number of Devices Per User

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Hi All, 
Currently in our Azure AD tenant the "Maximum number of devices per user" is set to unlimited. 
I want to decrease this number to 20 a per MS recommendation. 
The problem I have, that I could not find any information on, is this. 

There is one account that have Enrolled and is the Primary User on about 180 devices.
My question is, without removing the Primary user or changing this account from being the primary user, what will happen to these devices when I decrease the Maximum number of devices per user to 20? 

Will any of those devices become stale, require a new sign in or an update on the user side? 
Thank you. 

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Hi @RiaanSmith , it may be that you are not using an account with proper permissions to make the change. Try this with a Global Administrator account:

  • Navigate to
  • Sign in with a user account in your Azure Active Directory tenant with
    at least Global Administrator privileges. 
  • In the left navigation pane, click Azure Active
  • In the new pane that emerges, click Devices.
  • In the Devices pane, click Device
  • Select your favorite number for the value labeled Maximum number of devices per user. Values include 5, 10, 20 ,50, 100 and Unlimited
  • Click Save.
also, to answer your second question the devices that are 170 currently registered should remain working for that user as this is a registration limit, however that user will obviously not be able to register any more. Make sure to test this of course.
Thank you, I know where to adjust the limit. The main questions was only what effect it will have on the devices that is already registered by this user account. I will decrease the maximum limit to 100, and see that there are no negative impact. Once confirmed I will then decrease it further.
Thank you.