Decks for Endpoint Management Acceleration Day


Many thanks to all of you who attended any or all of our sessions for Endpoint Management Acceleration Day! We hope we were able to give you useful information! If you didn't get a chance to fill out the survey during the sessions, please fill it out now - there's a different one for each track. 


Mobility Survey 

Windows Survey


If you'd like to go back and watch any of them again, or view the Q&A transcript, just use the same link you used to join the session:





I'm attaching the PDFs of the slides we used in the presentations. I'll have to do a separate post to add the Windows decks - scroll down to see those. 


Thanks again! 

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Here are the slides for the 4 sessions on Windows management. 

Thanks again! 

Excellent event and thanks for the slides! Really appreciate the separate mobility track.

You're welcome! We're so glad to help!

Thank you!! I was waiting for this.  @Cathy Moya 

A great event, Thanks EndpointMgr team for the acceleration day program. Many thanks for sharing the decks @Cathy Moya .


I think this was one of the best sessions I've witnessed recently from a content and presentational skills perspective. I'm super grateful that you guys are sharing this content! Please extend my gratitude to the rest of the team @Cathy Moya@LotharZ!

Any idea on (when) the videos will be availbe on the Video Hub?

@jhuylebroeck Thank you so much for the kind words! I will definitely share them with the rest of the team. March was pretty hectic with Microsoft Ignite and MonthOfMEM and then the MVP summit, but I pulled down the videos over the weekend and I've started editing all of them - we'll also include our Ask Our Experts events and the talk that the IT staff from University of Washington did about their autopilot deployment. In the meantime, you should still be able to get to all of them using the Teams Live Events - I think they stay live for a few months, but let me know if I'm wrong there. Hopefully by next week I'll have them ready to go!

Thanks again!

@Cathy Moya 
Video is not accessible anymore.
Is there any archive where I could watch recorded sessions?
Thank you!