Danish school creates more time for learning

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Varde Kommune is the public school district in Varde, Denmark, on the windswept Jutland peninsula in southwest Denmark. It serves 5,500 students in 21 schools. To support more effective, personalized learning, Varde Kommune gave each student his or her own laptop computer running Windows 10 and a subscription to Microsoft Office 365. It replaced its on-premises authentication infrastructure with cloud-based Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security for easier identity and device management. With the savings from eliminating on-premises servers, Varde Kommune was able to pay for the new laptops. More important, the district now has software that is reliable, easy to use, and easy to access from home or school. It also gives teachers more time to teach. The new solution has reduced IT support time by half, giving IT staff more hours to support teachers in their effective use of technology.


“Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a great solution for school districts, because it’s a software-as-a-service solution that doesn’t need to be patched or require a back-end infrastructure,” says Per Larsen, Solution Architect at Atea, the Microsoft partner that helped Varde Kommune deploy Windows 10 and EMS. “The use of Azure Active Directory Premium delivers extremely fast logon times, and students and staff can log on to their school applications from home or school using the same credentials.” Previously, students could not access materials on the school’s Novell network from home, which limited learning.


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