Customize Azure Conditional Access error messages

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Does anyone know if and how we can customize the conditional access error messages?

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Hi @George Grammatikos,


It is by default not possible to change the Conditionall Access messages.

I don't know what you case is but if you have the MCAS license, this can give you some options to Customize the error messages.


You can check the following blog post. 


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Hi @Mr_Helaas,


Thank you for your response.
The need is to grant access to the organization O365 apps only to devices that joined the corporate azure ad. I also wonder if we can change the default message. For example, please check the image below:


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Hi @George Grammatikos,


I'am sorry it is not possible to change the default Conditional access message.


You can take a look at the MCAS solution of Microsoft were you can customize the message. I don't know which license you have but MCAS is not included in all licences.   


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