Custom Defender values not applying

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I am trying to deploy some basic Defender settings to corporate devices with Intune (Windows 10 laptops specifically).  I am running into a problem where no matter what I set my values to in my configuration profile, only the default values are being applied.  For example: I want to run a full antivirus scan on Fridays at 3pm.  I set "Type of system scan to perform to" to full scan, and set "Day Scheduled" and "Time Scheduled" to what I want.  None of these settings are applying - when I check MDM Diagnostic Report on the workstation, the "current values" column is blank.  I have also tried applying these settings using a custom profile and CSPs without any luck.


What am I missing?  I am new to this but have successfully set up and deployed other configuration profiles without issue.  We are in GCC High if that makes a difference.


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