Creating a Teams phone using a Wi-Fi only Android or iOS phone in kiosk mode.

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Does anyone have experiences they could share, with creating a Teams phone using a Wi-Fi only Android or iOS phone in kiosk mode?


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I do not have experience with Teams specific. But I have some experience with Android kiosk.
You have the option to use single of multi app kiosk.
I would recommend to use a multi-app kiosk, because the single app currently has a bug that allows you to exit the kiosk.

Here is a good guide:

Hi @Nathan Hartley, I was wondering if you made any progress with this?

@Vitor PereiraNo. Unfortunately, priorities have shifted. I'll try to remember to post an update, if ever I can get back to this project.

@Vitor Pereira did you go down this rabbit hole? I have attempted this with about an 80% success rate on the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, but the one thing I need to work, inbound calling, doesn't. So, success is really 0%... The phone rings, but only presents the inbound call screen if the device is on and Teams is open. Otherwise, you cannot answer the call.


I'm at my wits end right now and would do anything for help/advice.

My company now has two Android "candy bar" phones deployed. We ended up using a Google Pixel 4a, with an Otter Box Defender case. I assigned the Teams App, a Wi-Fi configuration, an Android configuration (see attached screenshot), as I did not find a way to configure everything, I wrote some instructions for the remaining setup (see attached screenshot).


Hiding the notification tray would be great, security and reliability wise, but you lose access to things like the time, Wi-Fi state, brightness and password/biometrics settings.


The only feedback I have heard from the users is that they sometimes find it hard to use the fingerprint reader with the Otter Box case on. Though, I never had a problem with it.