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Alright, so the title is a little bit confusing, but let me break down the issue. I have a PowerApps application that I'm trying to create a Home Screen shortcut for on hundreds of iOS devices that we manage in Intune. We used to just have the weblink for the app, but we now want the app to be available offline, so we pushed the PowerApps app to all devices. For some reason, the application isn't showing up in everyone's PowerApps, but if we download a Shortcuts automation to their device it will still open the application in PowerApps, but we can't add the automation automatically through Intune and walking everyone through adding the shortcut has been a challenge. I've also found the Mobile QR Code available in the app details can also do this. I managed to extract the code it uses from the image hoping to be able to create an option on their Home Screen that would function like the QR code and open the application in PowerApps, but the only two options for adding links require the link to start with http:// or https:// while the QR code starts with ms-apps://.


I'm not super knowledgeable about all the in-depth things Intune is capable of, so I was wondering if someone here might have a solution/workaround, or if this is something that just needs to be sent to the Ideas graveyard.

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If you allow the Shortcut application in iOS, we actually put a shortcut in the iCloud. of shortcut)


The shortcut can do anything that you can configure in the Shortcuts application including launching the ms-apps:// and calling a browser.


We then published this iCloud link as a weblink to the users devices.  Clicking the link opens the Shortcut application.  They are then prompted to add the shortcut to their device then we put it on their home screen.  When they need the app ours actually launches Jabber for instances and dials a number automatically.

The web link is put on the second page on the device in a feature policy and then we remove it later after the button was fully deployed.

Hi Justin,
That's what we're currently doing, however most of our employees struggle with technology and pressing the small buttons needed to add the Shortcut to the Home Screen is difficult for them. It isn't feasible for us to help all of them so we've been doing so on a case-by-case basis, but I was hoping to cut out the middle man, so to speak.

@BFoster385 Unfortunately, I am not aware of getting that pushed to device in my experience other than those methods.