Create dynamic device group based off of which user enrolled the device

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Is there a way to create a dynamic device group based off of which user enrolled the device? For example, I have an admin account that enrolled a bunch of kiosk machines, and I want the group to consist of all the devices that were enrolled by that account. (It might just be me being dense, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this based off Microsoft's documentation.)

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You can fill a static group with help of an Azure Automation Runbook and a powershell script. I think for dynamic groups there is no attribute with which you can filter on the enrollment user.
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From my understanding, it wasn't possible to create a dynamic group based on which users enrolled the device into Azure AD. But I did some research via the Graph API and I have found a solution. And that the physicalIds field in Azure AD contains USER-GID information. So this means that you can build a dynamic query on that.

The only thing you need is the ID of your admin account. So go to Azure AD -> Users -> Admin account-> Copy userid from address bar


So, you have all the needed information and you use create a dynamic group with the following Dynamic query and you will get all Azure AD devices that have been enrolled with your admin account. 

device.devicePhysicalIDs -any _ -contains "[USER-HWID]: <ID of your Admin account> "





device.devicePhysicalIDs -any _ -contains "[USER-GID]:<ID of your Admin account>"





Hopefully, this will help you.


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@Mr_Helaas This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for your response.

We are using different Scope Tag for Kiosk Machines

@Mr_Helaas From my findings this only shows the Windows enrolled devices, not the mobile 'iphone' or 'Android' devices. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Hi @adrian-erw, what dynamic query are you using?