'Corporate-owned dedicated devices' Kiosk device with Powerapp

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question about kiosk devices and powerapps, which need O365 login:


i want to provide a powerapp on a andorid device. 

The android device should be ocked down, so only the powerapp is able to run


I have created profile for 'corporate-owned dedicated devices' and added powerapps to the devices as required application. 


My problem:

every day the powerapp is asking for O365 login credentials on the device.


Hw can i solve the problem? 


Or is kiosk device not the correct profile?

Or should i use 'Corporate-owned, fully managed user device', use the o365 for the kiosk powerapp and lock down the device with configuration profiles? Maybe with Microsoft Launcher?


Maybe somebody in the community has some tips for me to build Android kiosk device which runs a dedicated powerapp. 


Also it would be great if the powerapps automatically restarts when closed. . . 


Thank you







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