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Hi All,

Following an Android System update on a number of Samsung J6's and an update to the Managed Home Screen app. I am experiencing some "odd" results.



The appearance of shortcut icons at the bottom of the screen.
After another update, these disappeared, but now another icon has appeared.
During the build process, towards the end, one usually gets a pop-up to request granting the Managed Home Screen app to appear on-top. tapping a sliding radio button to grant these permissions. After the Managed Home Screen update, these permissions are triggered after tapping on a Managed Setting icon on the Home Screen. This has a red dot next to it until you tap it and grant the permissions.
Unfortunately it leaves the icon behind.
Initially I thought it was down to the Android update as stated earlier, but 3 Android 8.0.0 devices are now displaying the icon.


Has anyone else come across this, and found a solution.





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Hi All,

I raised a call with MSFT and we have found a solution. There was an inadvertent change in the default state of the Managed Setting Icon. The previous state, when not configured' was 'False'. After the last update to the Managed Home Screen app; the default Boolean state was set to 'True' if left in a non-configured state. So now, even if you do not make use of any of the Managed Setting's options, you must add the Managed Setting to your config and then set the Boolean value to 'False', this then removes the unwanted icon from the Home Screen.