Copying files to %appdata% with intune

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HI All,


I have been trying to copy an .ini file though intune to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit 


I have decided to go with PowerShell and below is the following script


New-item -itemtype directory -force -path $env:APPDATA\pyRevit

Copy-item -path "$psscriptroot\pyRevit_config.ini" -Destination $env:APPDATA\pyRevit

Return 0


below is my Install command in intune


powershell.exe -executionpolicy Bypass .\CopyFiles.ps1


Now this works outside of intune but I can not get it to work with intune if anyone could help me i would be appreciative 






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Hey Brendan,
did you activate the option "Run this script using the logged on credentials"?

@Jannik_Reinhard I'm running it as a win32 app, Is it not possible to do it that way.

Okay sorry I understood that this is a Powershell script not a win32 app. Did you set the install behaviour to the user or to the system?

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I figured it out in the program it has to be set to user