Convert AAD Registered w/Intune to AAD Joined w/Intune


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There are a bunch of devices (100-ish) that were enrolled in Intune using the 'Connect' option under "Access work or school". When I look at Intune I see them as 'Azure AD Registered' not 'Azure AD Joined'. Is there a process to convert them to ADD Joined?




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Hi @DGMalcolm,

You can use a provisioning package to enroll your devices in azure ad

In the following blogpost will explain in the last steps how to deploy the ppkg file with intune

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Looks like I have a lot of setup and testing to do. Thank you!
I spent some time reading through these articles which are very informative. Then I ran through the process of setting up a deployment package and testing that. The issue is that it assumes that the systems haven't been deployed already, for instance, it requires the creation of a naming convention. These systems are already in use and are Azure AD Registered. I need to change them from AADR to AADJ but I don't see how that can be done with the Windows Configuration Designer. Am I missing something or do I need to take a different approach?