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Contact sync between Outlook for iOS and native iOS contact app

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Hi folks,


i'm struggling with the sync between outlook for ios and the native contact app.

What I've done so far:

  • Created an app protection policy for managed devices, where contactsync is allowed
  • Created an app protection policy for unmanaged devices, where contactsync isn't allowed.


This is working as expected. When the device is enrolled in intune it's processing the managed policy and is able to activate the contact sync.


  1. Well, what bothers is me is the fact that 3rd party apps like whatsapp are able to see these work contacts. I already read throught this article: Support Tip: Enabling Outlook iOS Contact Sync with iOS12 MDM Controls 
  2. I tried to add the following to my app configuration for outlook, but it isn't working: (mentioned here: )
    1. > false
    2.  > false
      1. When synchronising some test contacts they still contain adress & birthdate. 


Any help understanding this problem is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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