Configure team site libraries to sync automatically - Users can Unsync

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We've managed to use an administrative template profile to sync libraries to users' OneDrive set up. This is working fine, and we have even managed to automate a reduction in the sync time from 8 hours. 


However users can unsync the libraries through OneDrive. We thought this was not meant to be possible.


Given how simple the process is, we can't see what else we can do to block this.


Can anyone provide any advice as to what could be causing this, if it is expected behaviour or any tips as to what we might be doing wrong? 





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@Klaffy AFAIK this is not possible. If the user removes a folder, will they come back through the adm. templates setting? 

@JanBakkerOrphaned  we have not tried that.


We were hoping that they would be prevented from unsyncing by the option not being there at all, but if this is the behaviour I suppose that is ok, bit not ideal. It will be frustrating with the 8 hour delay - our script to reduce this will need to be run every day somehow.

Just confirming Jan here; this is not possible.

I also do not see the added value in forcing a site library for a user?
If he decides to remove it, why not let him?

@Thijs Lecomte my apologies - I didn't receive the notification.


We are using the autosync to link standard template libraries, and then setting word and powerpoint to read from these. If the user unlinks then they don't have the latest templates for the company.