Configure OneDrive for business to Sync Only Certain Folders in windows

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   Trying to setup OneDrive for Business configuration profile in Intune. Is it possible to sync only specific folders like Documents and Desktop instead Knows windows folder?




P.S. all devices are AA

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Hi Orion,

You can do it with file on Demand policy using Intune Administrative Templates. Check article below:

Hope it helps!

Thanks @Moe_Kinani for your reply.

I have setup these configuration for ODFB, but it won't give you choice to choose folders except for known windows folder, which is Pictures, documents, desktop. I am looking for certain folders like documents and desktop

Thought you trying to redirect Desktop and Documents.

What folders are you trying to redirect with onedrive?



just Documents and Desktop.. i want to sync with ODFB. and maintained offline too

This can't be done with Intune natively

You could use a Powershell script for this. This might be a good example: