Configure Existing Devices for Autopilot

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Hey there,

Working on an Autopilot rollout which will set up all new devices as AADJ. I will also be retrieving and reissuing ~150 existing devices which are Hybrid Azure AD Joined. I created a Deployment Profile that includes 'Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot' and assigned a device group to it. I then put a couple of devices into that group and, within 30 minutes or so, those devices were Autopilot ready. I've successfully run them through the Autopilot process several times. This past Monday, I added 2 more devices to that group and after 2 days those devices were not listed as Autopilot devices. Knowing that I will ultimately need to convert most of the existing devices, on Wednesday I removed the device group from the Deployment Profile and assigned it to All Devices. As of today only 12 devices are listed under Autopilot Devices and that includes the 2 devices I already managed. I see a total of 225+ devices that have been active in AAD and Intune over the last 3 days. Any idea why I'm not getting a lot more devices to convert?





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Hi... first off.... Did you read the quote "Converting all targeted devices to Autopilot isn't supported for transforming a hybrid Azure AD join device into an Azure AD join Autopilot device."


But then again.... reading this ms article :p Auto-Pilot for Existing Windows Devices - Microsoft Community Hub

Secondly... I have seen it taking a long time as well... also depends a bit on the device ownership but that was more related to the aadr ..

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP  - thank you for your reply.


I have read the first article and am now reading the second article. The second one seems intriguing but not for this project.


When I said that I would be "retrieving and reissuing ~150 existing devices", I meant that they will be returned from users once they get settled into a new laptop. After that, the old device will be wiped and deployed to a different user via Autopilot. I am not going to attempt a direct conversion to AADJ.


And I am still waiting for systems to show up in Windows Autopilot Devices - still only have around 12 devices showing. I will read your article and continue to wait for the time being.

Okay, still nothing. It's been around 3 weeks since I created a Deployment Profile that is configured to convert All Devices. As of this morning, only 23 of ~150 devices have converted. All of those 150-ish devices are Intune enrolled and all of them have been active as recently as yesterday. Also, app deployments and updates have been done across the entire fleet during this time. Any idea why they aren't showing up?

Mmm... thats very odd.. could you try to see what happens when you reenroll 1 test device (that has the same issue) into intune (remove cert,keys etc) and reenroll.. As that should also trigger it... so wondering if that even works