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Hello Community,


I have tried to disable the MS Store using Intune's device Configuration profiles feature.
For that I have done activ the setting "Require Private Store Only". 

(The company portal is enabled and already available.)


All target computers are Windows 11 and the platform setting on the Configuration profiles is set to "Windows 10 and later".
When I look at the configuration profile of the device, the Setting status is "Not applicable" and the setting is not enabled.




I tried also set up in the custom configuration "./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/ApplicationManagement/RequirePrivateStoreOnly" property 1. In this case the device configuration showed the error -2016281112.


Error 2016281112:
This issue occurs because, in certain scenarios, the response that is sent by the Windows 10 client includes XML that is formatted differently than the XML that is sent through the Intune policy. If the policy is applied successfully, the XML in the response should exactly match the XML in the policy.

Q1. What are the possible reasons for "Not applicable"?
Q2. Is this device configuration "Require Private Store Only" related to some other configuration?
Q3. Where can I find the XML file that is displayed in error?


Thank you

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What is the SKU on these devices in question? Pro is not supported by this CSP.



Thank you for the reply. As you pointed out, it is Windows11 Pro.


I read the document again when you pointed it out. There doesn't seem to be any easy control of the MS store for Pro. That's unfortunate.


But thank you. My question has been answered.


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