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Configuration profile state pending on some devices

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I have created a configuration profile in intune. This profile logs all users into Onedrive automaticaly when they sign into a windows 10 device. My test user logs in to 2 different devices. On one device, the profile works fine but not on the other one. The profile deployment status is pending. If I look under configuration profiles --> device status, I see some devices, where the deployment status is "Pending". I have noticed that all these devices have no "User Principal Name". This column is blank for alle the pending devices. See the attached image.


I have tried to manullay sync the computer and restart several times. That did not help.


What could be the reason for the missing "user principal name" and delpoyment status not chaning from "Pending". 





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When no UPN is filled in, this is because the device hasn't checked in yet.

Try to execute the following Powershell command:
Get-ScheduledTask | ? {$_.TaskName -eq ‘PushLaunch’} | Start-ScheduledTask
This should start a sync immediately
At least in my case, the device is checking in, but the particular configuration profile in question (for Edge) is not being deployed.

What error does it give you? Not applicable/ remediation failed or also still pending?

@MudasarRashid I have the same situation with a configuration profile and we cannot find the cause.  Were you able to determine the issue or solution?


We also facing the same issue.

@Vadivelu B 


Same thing, connected SCCM with Intune a few weeks back and have not been able to get a simple WiFi setup to push down - been in a "Pending" state since creating and assigning it.

I tried this but I do not see that the device is SYNCING and it is still showing PENDING
What’s happening on the device side? Have you checked the event\intune logs?