configuration policie invisible causing conflict

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Hi, i deleted an Configuration Policy for Win10 Bitlocker some time ago (3 weeks at least) and later configured a new one. Today i reinstalled a client and both configuration policies apply to the computer.

Since the configuration is different intune shows a conflict.

The deleted polcie (of course) doesn't show up under configuration policies.

Ony hint how i can delete that polcie in graph or any other way?

thx folks

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My advice, start using the graph explorer first to be 100% certain the policy is gone (99,9999% of the times when its gone in the GUI, its gone in graph :) )

Did you run the mdmdiagnotics tool to check out which policies are applied to the device itself?
Are you 100% certain you wiped the device ?
Hi Rudy,
i deleted the devie from intune and even the hardware id. Clean installed the device from USB Stick (just wanted to be 1000% sure). Forgot to delete the Azure AD Computer object.

Then i need to dig in Graph. Any tips on getting started would be appreciated.

Thx Rudy