Computer stuck at "Please wait while we set up your device", when Autopilot profile is applied to it

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Hi guys


I am looking for help to find out why our testing computer stuck at  "Please wait while we set up your device", when Hybrid Azure AD join Autopilot profile is applying to my testing computer, there are the scree shot:




Just a update on the process I did for setup Hybrid Azure AD join :

1: Configured the Intune connector for AD, installed the Intune Connector for Ad to one of our on prime server "A" which been delegated permission t created computer accounts in AD.

2: Created a new OU in AD and configured the delegate permission to "A".

3: Created group "C" with the testing computer "B" in it.

4: Created Hybrid Azure AD joined Autopilot profile and assigned it to group "C" in Intune.

5: Created Domain Join profile in Intune point it to right AD OU, and Assigned it to group “C” in Intune.

6: Created few app and assigned to group "C".


After all the setup, I turned on my testing computer "B", it got the Autopilot profile applied, then I signed in with my user name and password, and it checked through my credential no problem, but after that it just stuck at "Please wait while we set up your device" for hours, it does not go anywhere or crash. I also turned of ESP  Enrolment status page, that did not help.






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Please check for your endpoint protection policies for Windows defender, if you are applying one.

Its worth to have a look at Controlled folder access and System Guard settings.

We're testing out the hybrid autopilot in the intention of using it next year for our school environment. However, i can't seem to get it to work. 



I stuck at "Please wait while we setup your device". any idea how can we resolve the issue. I've checked all the things recommended in the article but we can't get this to work. Any help would be appreciated. 



@Chris Looi, interestingly I experienced the same behavior yesterday while testing with several Autopilot devices. I got 2/3 machines successfully configured without issues, but one of them stuck at the same place. I was not able to pass beyond it and gave it up. Maybe it's something to do with specific hardware or there was an intermittent network failure which caused it. Were you able to determine a cause?

@Yordan Yordanov We found out it's something to do with our firewall and wireless. Instead of using the wireless enterprise, so we created a guest network with only passkey to connect to wireless. The guest network is also bypass the firewall and we never have an issue since then.