Compte Rename Show Error

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Dear All,

i have a configuration on Intune 














The Configuration has successful applied and effetely in client pc, but in a dashboard show an error.


Make me easily confused this error with other error. 




ERROR CODE : 0x87d1fde8




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Who can help ?



The error code means:

0x87D1FDE8: Remediation failed


Since you say the computer is in fact renamed correctly, the error is probably a false positive. Likely it reports this because when the machine is renamed it loses track of the device momentarialy during the rename operation. Hence the CSP doesn't know for certain whether the action succeeded or failed.


Others have reported related issues when using the method you describe. Reference: Change Windows Computer Name during Intune enrolling


Instead, for a more reliable way to avoid that error, you could use a script to perform the rename, such as in these examples: 

Want to rename computer after or during Autopilot 

Rename Hybrid Joined Computers deployed via Autopilot 


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