Complaince rules

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I wanted to find out if it is possible to set two different sets of compliance rules for computers that join our domain and use the company's portal for computers that are joined and registered, as in the screenshot:



The issue is that private computers that are not connected to the domain but registered in the company's portal follow the compliance rules as for business computers, and we want to distinguish them because no one of a private computer will want to encrypt a private computer, e.g.
Is it possible to somehow distinguish that the compliance rules are assigned to the type of connection?

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I would look for Dynamic Group that groups Personal PCs and assign your second policy to it.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I was waiting for an answer here. Thanks Mo. As for the question if there’s a way to distinguish between on how they are added to AAD (AAD registered, Hybrid/AAD joined) it’s not possible AFAIK.