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Company Portal without login?

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I'm working on a project where I want to make certain SW applications optionally available to groups of Windows 10/11 computers through InTune. I understand that I then need to use Company Portal, since the InTune Management Extension (IME) only delivers required SW applications and not optional apps.


My problem then is that Company Portal seem to require manual user-login on first startup. This is problematic, since the computers are running in "kiosk"-mode with auto-login to a custom application. This means end-users doesn't have the password to their windows account. User context should furthermore be unnecessary, since all apps are assigned to groups of computers, and not users. The IME service is able to deliver SW apps without any manual user-login, so it should be technically feasible for Company Portal to do the same.



QUESTION: Is it possible to start Company Portal without having to log in on the first startup, like the IME service?

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In your scenario Company Portal will require login for optional applications.
You can use Microsoft Store apps without login.