Company Portal will not register my phone - Intune registration failure

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Brand new AGM X3 running Oreo 8.1.  


Message on Intune Company Portal as follows:


"! This Device Needs to Update Device Settings.

Last checked August 16, 2:29PM

Your company needs you to adjust these settings to comply with organizational policies.  Tap Confirm Device Settings to recheck settings.


No compliance policies have been assigned

Your IT department has not configured Intune to evaluate your device for compliance. Please contact your helpdesk"


Helpdesk says device "not supported" although phone is not rooted with a factory fresh Oreo 8.1 build.  How do I go about troubleshooting?  What direction can I give my IT desk to resolve?





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Hi @timnielsen, following up to your post, is this user/device still experiencing an issue?


Typically when a user receives the message: "No compliance policies have been assigned", means that the user/device is not targeted towards a compliance policy.


If using the built-in troubleshooting feature within the Intune Portal, are the correct policies assigned to the affected user/device?



Hi, I am still getting this error on my device:


'No compliance policies have been assigned'

'Your IT department has not configured intune to evaluate your device for compliance. Please contact your helpdesk'


IT team tells that all the accesses are given from their side, its something to do with my device settings. Kindly help.

Hi @Rangoli, if a policy isn't assigned to you, then the Company Portal app may show "No compliance policies have been assigned", thus causing your device to become non compliant. 


Here are a couple of resources you could share with your organization's IT team for further troubleshooting:

Use the troubleshooting portal to help users at your company | Microsoft Docs 

Compliance policy settings | Microsoft Docs.


If you continue to experience an enrollment issue with the Company Portal, please your IT team raise a new support request with our support team for further investigation. They can open a new case from within the MEM admin console, or any of the steps listed here:


Hope this helps!