Company Portal "You need to make changes...." - Incorrect!

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Hi, I have read on here that there are some reporting anomalies in regards to policies and the system accounts etc, but I am currently setting up Surface Pro 6's (Win 10 1809). I enrolled 6 yesterday, 4 are showing in the Company Portal app as "Can access work resources", 2 of them are not. 

They are asking me to:

Encrypt your device

Turn on device encryption

Device must have firewall enabled

Turn on antivirus

Check device settings again


Encryption is enabled, firewall is enabled, antivirus is enabled. 


Intune is reporting that the Windows 10 Compliance policy is failing on the System Account for 'Encryption of data storage on device' (Error) and Require BitLocker (Not Compliant).


All 6 were set up in the same way, why are two of them seemingly failing?

Any advice?

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