Company portal install/reinstall via Powershell?

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Is it possible to "click" the "install" button via Powershell?

I cannot find anything that says if it's possible to interact with the company portal app via powershell.




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Hi @rafaelruales , You can use Graph to get the app id and make calls to interact or trigger installation. 

thanks @somesh_pathak , do you know by chance what those endpoints are?

Hi @rafaelruales


Why should you use PowerShell to click on the install button? You can assign a group to the app as required and the app will be installed on the device. 


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You are correct @Mr_Helaas, that's they way we currently deploy apps. But of course, because it's MicroSucks, it sometimes fails to push the app.
If this worked properly, I wouldn't have to post this question :)

Hi @rafaelruales , you can try to use Invoke-IntuneWin32AppRedeploy or{id}/ for graph.