Company Portal app - login notification

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One of my users is receiving a notification to login to the Company Portal app on the user's Android phone every few months. Is this expected? The Android phone is enrolled with Intune MDM.

None of my other users have reported this, although most of them are on iPhones.

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Is it possible that the password has changed/expired and prompting to re-enter? Is it happening with Portal app only or any app installed like Outlook etc?

The user last changed password 3 weeks before the notification.

It's only the Company Portal app. Outlook and other office apps haven't asked for sign in. The app is also automatically updated to the latest as there's updates in Google Play.

The device is enrolled with Android Admin instead of Android Enterprise. It's a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10. I know it's recommended to move over to Android Enterprise, but we're planning on replacing the rest of the Android phones with iPhones later this year.